about Valerie

My eyes have always been drawn to wild spaces, where nature has taken over. Where vines climb around branches, where moss hangs in a curly mess. There is a mystery and beauty in wild spaces that draws me in. The same with the wild spaces within ourselves. The unrest, the joys and sorrows, the messiness of being human. I’m curious about the many paradoxes within nature and within ourselves and that curiosity and wonder drive my art. I have always loved drawing and painting as a way of exploring ideas and feelings. I studied Art at Houston Community College and the University of Houston where I received a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in Painting, a Minor in Art History and a Master’s in Art Education. I’m Italian, American and art has always been something encouraged and appreciated in my family. It was a dream come true to study Art in Italy in 2000. I have taught in Mexico and Texas and although I love teaching, I missed having time to make art. I’m now a mother and full-time artist in Austin, Texas. I spend as much time as I can exploring the Texas Hill Country with my husband and sons, walking through cool creeks, looking for magnificent oaks, and finding inspiration for my art.